Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Accent Marks

A little bit of the foreign language teacher knows how handy these are for me!!

Accent marks/punctuation on the Mac

á, é, í, ó, ú = Press Option + E, release, then enter the vowel where you want

the accent mark

ñ = Press Option + n, release, then enter N a second time

¿ = Press Option/Shift + ?

¡ = Press Option + 1

ü = Press Option + U, release, then enter U a second time

Accent marks/punctuation on a PC

In MSWord you can do the easy way Ctrl + ' + letter or you can hold down the Alt key and type use the 3 digit code or 4 digit code

á = Ctrl+' then a or Alt + 160 / 0225

é = Ctrl+' then e or Alt + 130 / 0233

í = Ctrl+' then i or Alt + 161 / 0237

ñ = Ctrl+Shift+~ then n or Alt + 164 / 0241

ó = Ctrl+' then o or Alt + 162 / 0243

ú = Ctrl+' then u or Alt + 163 / 0250

ü = Ctrl+Shift+: then u or Alt + 129 / 0252

¿ = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+? or Alt + 168 / 0191

¡ = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+! or 173 / 0161

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts

This is how I save TONS of time...by using keyboard shortcuts. I have listed the most common for the PC (CTRL + a letter key) and the Mac (Command +a letter key). Happy Shortcutting!


For the PC - Control (ctrl) key Shortcuts

Ctrl + C – Copy the highlighted info

Ctrl + V – Paste the info/pic that you just copied

Ctrl + X – Cut the text/pic that you highlighted

Ctrl + Z – UNDO!

Ctrl + W – Close a tab or a window (not the whole program)

Ctrl + Q – Quit/Close a program

Ctrl + T – Open a new tab (Firefox)

Ctrl + N – Open a new window (Firefox), start a new document (Word/PPT)

Ctrl + Y – Repeat what you just did

Ctrl + D – Bookmark

/command key Shortcuts - For the Mac

+ C – Copy the highlighted info

+ V – Paste the info/pic that you just copied

+ X – Cut the text/pic that you highlighted

+ Z – UNDO!

+ W – Close a tab or a window (not the whole program)

+ Q – Quit/Close a program

+ T – Open a new tab (Firefox)

+ N – Open a new window (Firefox), start a new document (Word/PPT)

+ Y – Repeat what you just did

+ D – Bookmark a web page

+ E – Eject the CD/DVD

Other helpful hints for the Mac…

To use a “right click” (without changing your mighty mouse to act like a PC mouse in the system preferences) hold down the CTRL (control) key and then click on the object/link that you wanted to right click. Your options will appear on the screen.

  • Don’t forget to (on the Mac side) drag and drop your Flash/USB drives to the “trash” to eject them otherwise you might damage the data!
  • To burn CDs/DVDs just put the CD/DVD in, drag the files to the CD/DVD icon/picture on your desktop, and then grab the CD/DVD icon and drag it onto your “dock” where there is a black/yellow burn circle. Change the name of the CD to whatever you want and then click BURN!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adding links to your blog

Here is a simple tip that will make your blog look a lot nicer! You can add links to your posts!

Here are the steps:

1) Type what you want the "link" to say i.e. Disneyland or Disneyland Tickets.
2) Highlight the words (or click on the picture) that you want to be a link.
3) Click on the chainlink/world button (link to the www) just to the left of the left side formatting or just to the right of the T (that lets you change the font color).
4) A blue/white box will appear — type or paste (Ctrl+ V on the PC or Command+V on the Mac) in your url (web address) and hit enter.
5) Tah-dah! You created a link! :)

The beginning...

I decided today, instead of cleaning my house, to start a new blog. I am always using my shortcuts when computing on my PC or my Mac at school and they sure make life easier. I often share them with others and they always seem excited. So I will do that here! I will share tips and tricks for the PC and the Mac, shortcuts for word processing, and any other neat computer news that I think is read worthy...now I wonder if anyone will actually read this??