Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adding links to your blog

Here is a simple tip that will make your blog look a lot nicer! You can add links to your posts!

Here are the steps:

1) Type what you want the "link" to say i.e. Disneyland or Disneyland Tickets.
2) Highlight the words (or click on the picture) that you want to be a link.
3) Click on the chainlink/world button (link to the www) just to the left of the left side formatting or just to the right of the T (that lets you change the font color).
4) A blue/white box will appear — type or paste (Ctrl+ V on the PC or Command+V on the Mac) in your url (web address) and hit enter.
5) Tah-dah! You created a link! :)

The beginning...

I decided today, instead of cleaning my house, to start a new blog. I am always using my shortcuts when computing on my PC or my Mac at school and they sure make life easier. I often share them with others and they always seem excited. So I will do that here! I will share tips and tricks for the PC and the Mac, shortcuts for word processing, and any other neat computer news that I think is read I wonder if anyone will actually read this??